Freelance Audio Visual Technical Manager availability in Sept/ Oct 2015@ £240 -£300 per day August 2015, Freelance diary

4th Aug BMEAV warehouse 

5th Aug BMEAV Excel London 

6th Aug Eurohire PA towers RedBull AirRace, Ascot 

7th-9th African Fashion show Olympia, Blitz 

10th Eurohire Ascot PA tower collection 

11th Boomtown PA tower hire, Winchester 

14th-16th Milton Keynes Proms in the park 

17th Collection of Towers from Boomtown, Winchester 

20th -24th Folk East, Luminaire Extraordinaire, Suffolk 

28th to 30th South west Four, Clapham common 

 2nd Sept to 4th Sept Bollywood film shoot, Marlowe 

5th to 6th Gunnersbury Mela, PF events 

7th UKTV Broadsword productions 

8th to 10th Dublin M &G roadshow 

10th to 12th Olympia 

15th to 21st Looe festival C3 productions 

16th and 17th Rudding park, yorkshire 

21st &22nd M &G Aztec Bristol 

25th Sept to 1st Oct Olympia 

2nd to 7th Plasa ExCeL 

8th to 11th Oct Free 

12th to 14th Olympia

2014: We are busy as usual in Oct, and Nov but have free time to help with your 

projects in December 

1st Oct, Excel am, Billingsgate PCA awards get out pm 2nd Landmark get out 3-5th Olympia exhibition centre 7th to 8th Excel exhibition 9th Institute of directors 13th 14th Metropole Hotel, Edgeware Rd, Upstream, Orace presentation 15th and 16th Thistle Marblearch, Upstage, Oracle Presentation 21st Natural History Museum, 22 Staging hire, Farnborough 23rd Mustt audio, Dewali festival 24th to 26th Excel exhibition centre


1st to 3rd Nov Tower hamlets firework display 

4th to 6th Southwalk park carnival display, 

11th and 12th Landmark hotel UBS conference 

13th to 15th Victoria Park Plasa 

17th to 20th Excel Exhibition 

21st Motorcycle show, NEC 

24th to 26th Excel Exhibition


27th -29th Free 

30th Oct NEC get out


1st to 5th Penny Hill Park, Hants 

 6th Dec onwards Free

Older dates 5th to 10th Holister video wall screens, BMEAV 

 13th Quebeq embassy presentation, Drapers hall 

 14th -15th Mars Presentation, Norton Grange, TMAV 

 16th -18th Adventure Expo, Olympia 

 19th -21st Blitz Vision 

 22nd 23rd BETT show, Excel 

 24th to 27th Free 

 28th to 30th Whitehall Place, TF Connect 

 31st Jan to 3rd Feb Butlins, Minehead, MPH 

 4th to 8th Feb Free 

 9th and 10th Hilton Metropole Blitz 

 11th and 12th Free 

 13th to 15th Cruise Show Olympia 

 16th to 17th Free 

 18th Film shoot Canary warf, PriMedia 

 19th and 20th Olympia 

 23rd Feb to 25th, Olympia 

 26th to 4th March PSAV 

 5th to 8th March Gleneagles, Multimedia plus 

 9th and 10th March, Olympia 

 11th to 26th Excel 

March 27th to 25th April, free