Showtec Phantom 50w led moving head spotlight hire:

Complete ready to go Package of 10x Showtec Phantom 50 LED Spotlights availiable for hire for £250 per weekend, inc lighting stands, Digital desk, mains distro etc, or £15 per light per day, from Surrey/ Hants AV Company Turnaround360 

 Conference-Lighting-Hire offer The Showtec Phantom 50 has a 50W white LED light source. Besides the stronger output, the 50LED spot, also has some extra functionality’s like rotating gobo´s and a 3-facet prism. The 50LED spot has 8 gobo´s with shake effect and, the 9 dichros are the same as the 25LED Spot. This makes them easy to combine with Phantom 25 Moving Heads. The 50LED, Spot can also be used as a master for the 25LED spot in a master/slave setup. It has 2 personalities, an advanced 13-channel, and a basic 6-channel setting. Technical Details: Output: 18.500 Lux @ 1 m, Beam Angle: 17°, Display for menu access, control by DMX-512 (8 or 13 ch.), Gobowheel with 7 rotating Gobo´s), Color wheel with 8 colors + white, Dimmer: 0-100%,, Strobe: 0-20 Hz, manual Focus, 3-facet prism, Dimensions: 225 x 210 x 340 mm (W x D x H), weight: 5,6 

 Available to rent from Surrey/ Hants AV hire Company Turnaround360 for £15 a day, or a package for £250 for a flight case of 10 moving lights, with small DMX control desk